Why You Should Visit Poland?

Before booking tickets for your next travel, I’m recommending this article to have ideas about why you should visit Poland once in your lifetime.
Poland is a beautiful country in many aspects.

It’s Breathtaking Nature

Especially nowadays, it is hard to get relax when we are chained to our responsibilities and daily life. And when you start to think about how to get rid of your negativity and stress ‘nature’ landscapes appears in our head. At this moment, you should consider visiting mountains in Poland. Actually, not just mountains but enormous forests, peaceful lakes, beautiful national parks! When Poland and nature words are coming together, you have dozens of options for places to visit.
Tatra Mountains
The most popular place for skiing in winter and hiking in summer, depending on your interest, once you will experience you will definitely want to come back.
The Masurian Lake District
This place is considered as the most beautiful place in the country. It contains the largest lake (Śniardwy) in Poland. Because of its geographical location, I recommend you to visit this place in summer. You can rent a wooden cabin and eat the fishes catch your own! Also, you have an option of kayaking.
Słowiński National Park
Have you ever see a white desert? It was my first time when I saw and I fall in love with it! This national park is one of my personal favorites because it is providing you a lifetime experience with its nature which you will never forget! If you visit Gdanks, especially in summer, just give your one day to this place. You won’t regret!
Białowieża Forest
Forests are completely another chapter in your book of adventure! Especially if you are interested in animals in forests, you will be startled when you cross with bison!
Table Mountains
These mountains are taking its name from its odd look. When you visit this place, you will feel like you are in a big sculpture what is carved for thousands of years!

It’s Fascinating Cities
Almost every city in Poland has an ‘Old Town’. These places that are covered with colorful buildings are fascinating and once you are in, you will be feeling like you traveled through time. Apart from this, every city has its own story. For example, Warsaw is a city reborn from its ashes after WWII. Also, Wrocław is occupied by cute and little dwarves in almost every part of the city, what is the symbol of an anti-communist movement. When Gdańsk is the pearl of Baltic, Kraków is the city of Kings.

It’s Deep-rooted History
Poland is one of the biggest holders of European history. So, if you are coming for cultural visitation, Krakow would be the best option to visit for you! Also, after you smell the history from one of the oldest cities in Poland, you can start to explore the surroundings of it. If you can give a day, exploring Wieliczka Salt Mine would be a nice experience for you. Also, you can visit Auschwitz to pay respect to people who were the victim of the Holocaust.

It’s Delicious Food
Polish cousin is wider than you think. It is not limited to just pierogi (dumplings) and wódka. So I would like to present a few delicious meals from it.
Polish cuisine is focused to fill your stomach with the less amount of ingredients and the most important fact is due to Poland is cold country, keep you warm with the food.
Żur: It is soup with an egg inside, served with tough bread.
Barszcz: It is a soup made from beetroot, what is giving the actual color to it. If you like a sour and pickled taste, I’m recommending it! (Personal favorite)
Placki Ziemniaczane: Exact translation is ‘potato pancakes’. Explains a lot. It is just disappearing into your mouth once you eat. Usually, it is eaten with cottage cheese. Despite it is looking like a breakfast offer, actually, Polish people prefer to eat this meal for dinner.
Tatar: It is a meat dish served with raw egg and onions. This meal has so specific taste because the meat is raw.
Bigos: It is stew what contains different kinds of meat and cabbage inside.
Pierogi: It is many doughs stuffed with potato, mushroom, and meat depending on your choice in the menu. Don’t come back from Poland before tasting this meal!
Sernik: Classical cheesecake as a dessert after your main dish.
Mead: When wódka is the most popular drink in Poland, I wanted to give an example from medieval times to you. This alcohol was consumed by mostly nobles and the royal family. It is made from honey. You should try it!
Also, if you are going to eat in a traditional restaurant, I highly recommend you to eat from plates made from wood to feel the old atmosphere of the Polish kitchen. It is called ‘niecka’ in Polish.

When you should visit Poland?
If you don’t mind cold, you can visit Poland at any time! But if you are a person like me who can’t stand low temperatures, the best time to visit Poland is between June and August.
Note: On autumn, Poland is beautiful than ever for me. If you are a person who likes to stare at views or looking for a travel which will refresh you, I suggest you take your thickest coat and try to visit Poland in autumn too. It worths to be cold when you have a picture of paradise in front of you!


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