An Alternative Way To Spend Time In Istanbul – Day 1

I have to admit, I was never interested in the city I was living… İstanbul meant just one word for me ‘chaos’. It is such a big city that it carries two continents and different cultures on it. It is a fact that if you want to be happy in İstanbul, you need money. Can’t ignore this. Sometimes you have to spend time in public transport three hours to reach your destination. Crowds… Noisy city… I could never guess that everything could change in just two days.
It was September when my husband visited me for the first time. He had taken his annual holiday from his job to be with me on my birthday. Despite summer was finished, İstanbul can be hot until last month of autumn, so we had a chance to swim in Mediterranean sea.
We weren’t planning much stuff to do because at this times the most important thing for us just hug each other and enjoy the time when we are together. That’s why everything happened so fast. A couple of days after he came, we wanted to make a İstanbul tour but my family’s house was badly located for that. We had to eliminate the most popular places and the idea came from my mother. In her life, she was always finding peace in Eyüp Sultan Mosque and its surroundings. That’s why we decided to go this place together with my family, also it was good opportunity to get know each other and relationships between my mother and my husband (he was my boyfriend back then).

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A place made just for pigeons. It is forbidden to feed them apart from birdseed. It is a small place covered by fences and the owner of this place has dedicated his life to pigeons.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque is called also a place for cleaning your soul. It is believed that this place has a specific energy for many people. It is located in Eyüp district, also a popular place to visit for tourists.
After we arrived at our destination, me and my husband wanted to look around and my mother wanted to feed pigeons with my sister, so we separated for short time. It was a beautiful weather, sunny and warm. That’s why we stopped in front of the fountain for a moment. It was so nice to feel water drops on my face while looking at sun behind my glasses.

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My husband (Jacek) and I – September 2016

After meeting up with my family again, we wanted to eat something before going inside of the mosque and we found a nice restaurant next to the fountain and pigeons. When my mother and my sister went to the mosque, we decided to look around more with my husband. Eyüp Sultan Mosque is a big place, after leaving mosque you can find several streets to visit from old times what are still used for charity reasons. Also many tombs of important people who died there. And on every corner of the street, you can find drinking fountains, also made in this times.

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The entrance of soup kitchen.

After meeting up with my family once more, we decided to go Pierre Loti Cafe on the top of the district, to see the great view of Golden Horn (Haliç). That’s why we turned our routes to uphill. While going to the cable cars, we found ourselves in a historical bazaar. You can find thousands of rosaries, sacred books, cultural clothes and also toys there. While we were walking and sightseeing, we crossed with a shop where was taking photos with Ottoman outfits. It was so nice chance to have a lifetime memory of this place for me. That’s why we went for having photos.

When we couldn’t decide which pictures should we choose, we just paid for everything.

After paying and going out from shop, it was almost the end of the day, the sunset was so close. That was so nice time to watch the sunset from the top of İstanbul. When we came to buy tickets for cable cars to go up, there was a huge line of people who were waiting for cars like us but thanks to the speed of them, we didn’t wait on the line so long.

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Me and my husband with Golden Horn (Haliç) behind us.

I can say that after our arrival to Pierre Loti Cafe, we spent a wonderful time. It was really crowded with tourists from all around the world but we could find a table for us in a quite nice location in the cafe. Everybody drank Turkish tea apart from me because I don’t like it and I drank water. I was so thirsty after all day on foot. We had so nice chilling and chit-chatting moment with my family. To provide conversation between my mother and my husband, I was translating all the time, when she was trying to talk English we were laughing so hard. We couldn’t understand how time passed and when we checked the time it was really late so we decided to find a taxi after going down. When we were on streets of İstanbul at night while walking on the near streets of Eyüp Sultan Mosque, we crossed with cat neighborhood. They were at least eight of them and they were meowing each other in a scary way. It was so strange to see that much cats together while they are angry on an empty and dark street. But unfortunately, I couldn’t take a photo of this because we had to hurry.
While my mother was looking for a taxi, the was a place for a boat tour around Golden Horn in front of us. And when we saw this we wanted to check because it was looking interesting. After learning the price, we said to my family that we’d like to spend this time as a couple. They respected us and they wanted to check amusement park near to this place.
A warm wind was blowing my hair, I was still keeping my scarf on my shoulders. After we sat down to the boat, we hugged each other. We just forgot the existence of time, there was just us and the tickling sound of waves from the sea. The view was amazing. İstanbul was one of the cities where has different beauty at night. In silence, the guy who was sailing boat asked us would we like to have a photo. I gave the camera to him, to create another memory.

After an amazing tour around Golden Horn, we met up with my mother and sister. Also, they had fun in an amusement park on the short roller coaster. After that, we just stopped a taxi on the road and turn back to the house. This day definitely was the most wonderful day in my life to spend time in the city I lived in from an eye of a traveler in the most amazing way, with amazing people.






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