An Alternative Way To Spend Time In Istanbul – Day 2

I was living with my family in Istanbul and their house was so close to Mediterranean sea, next to the beachside. It was so popular to rent a house there what is viewing the sea. It was such a peaceful place that you could rent a bicycle to ride around, come with your pet for a walk or eat your dinner at a restaurant near to the sea. And everything was just one foot of distance for me. I was so lucky to live somewhere like this.

The houses near to the sea, next to the entrance of the beach.

After we spent a couple of days together with my husband, I decided to show him this beautiful place and we still had a chance to swim. It was his first time on the sea that’s why he was so excited. When we reached our destination, we had to walk from a short path to reach to the beachside. On this path, there was a big park for kids, also a small chillout place for adults. We bought simit* and water from there before going to swim.

Palm trees fitted all along the road. On the right side park and on the left is the beach.

It wasn’t crowded so much because we came there in the week time. That’s why it wasn’t hard for us to find a place to put our beach towels and have a long sunbath. After we arrived at the sandy shore, we just put our towels and bags and started to run to the sea. Luckily, the sea was warm enough to swim. We had so much fun and Jacek loved the feeling of swimming in the sea.
After swimming in a salty sea under the burning sun, we went out and lay on our towels for a sunbath. We were holding our hands with closed eyes and listening to the waves of the sea. People were playing football, kids were making sand castles… Suddenly, an idea appeared in my mind. I got up and turn to Jacek and started to throw sand on him. It is a common thing to put people in the sand to have fun. And surprisingly, instead of complaining, he liked it so much.
After we swam enough, we wanted to eat corn. That’s why we found a seller and bought for both of us from the nearest street. While turning back to the beach, we saw a train-car on the road, waiting for people to depart. It was the best opportunity for us to see everywhere and we could take fresh air thanks to this. We hopped in. I was so happy that I’m with the love of my life and he is happy to be with me and liked the place.
After a nice ride, we finished eating corn and walked back to the beach. It wasn’t crowded like when we left because it was almost dinner time. So for a short time, we enjoy the silence of the beach and sunset.
When we came back to the house, Jacek also wanted to see this place at night time. It was a brilliant idea because this place is so nice place to spent time also at evening. I had a nice plan how to spent time because I knew the schedule and events of this place. And I bought billets for us to watch the moonlight from a yacht. Also on the yacht, you could drink and dance because it was a party yacht. After dancing for some time on the second floor, we went down on the first floor where there weren’t people around to have a romantic moment. It was one of the best days I’ve ever had.
On other days, mostly we were busy with official papers for our marriage and also my arrival to Poland. And if you are wondering our adventures after leaving Turkey, stay tuned on my blog 🙂

*Simit: It is a circular bread, encrusted with sesame seeds. It has known as Turkish bagel in the USA.



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