Snow Falls In Wrocław

Truly, I had lost my all hope for snowfall. It didn’t snow on Christmas and the rest of the winter. But surprisingly, in the middle of March, I just got up from my bed and when I opened the curtain, I saw that everywhere was covered with a white blanket.
I am not a fan of winter or cold and I’m totally a summer person but who dislikes to play snowball fight? Not even me.
So, Jacek and I just wore our thickest coats and headed to the nearest park, where can we have fun.
The entrance to the park. So beautiful.
Everywhere was covered with snow that’s why we lost our path for a while.
IMG_9384_Facetune_17-03-2018-16-14-49           IMG_9391_Facetune_17-03-2018-16-18-30

A small photo session
It was so much fun to jump on snow for us! Thank you to read that far and I’ll see you in my other blog post


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