Feeding Swans in Park Stanisława Tołpy

I was still new in the city after my arrival. I have just seen one place from it. That’s why my husband was looking for new places to show me and he found another park to show the beauty of nature. I fell in love with this place and especially its swans and ducks.

Processed with VSCO with q2 preset
Beautiful swans and cute ducks are swimming. I’ve always wondered how they are not freezing in the cold though.

Especially for a person who is coming from a big city, nature is so important. And it made me so happy to be together with it, even for an hour.
Before finishing my post, I want to warn you about feeding ducks, pigeons and swans shortly. As I observed, people are not careful about that. Mostly, they are throwing bread at them. But this is really wrong to do. You need to buy seed to feed them. Please be careful about this and don’t feed any kinds of pigeons, ducks or swans apart from their seed.
Thank you to read that far and I’ll see you in my next blog post. Bye!



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