A Historical Burnout In Rome – Day 1

I think I wouldn’t be able to find any other title what is describing our feelings about Rome, a historical burnout what is caused by (to be honest) everything that we experienced in this city. So, are you ready to read our adventurous holiday? Then scroll your eyes down below.
We decided to go to Italy for our holidays a year ago. Actually, I had different ideas for summer but my husband wanted to see this history-rich country and I admit, he was right. When the day had come, we were so excited. Italy was the gem of Europe for us by many aspects. After a professional check-in at the airport in Wroclaw, our journey had started.

It was my first time I saw the sea after three years.

When my feet stepped on the land my first impression was: ‘Damn It’s hot like hell!’. But seriously, while we were in Wroclaw it was cloudy, windy and cold despite this summer in Poland was quite hot, it wasn’t our luckiest day that’s why I had to wear my trousers and long sleeves. I was like: ‘Let me out of this outfit!’. And immediately my second impression was that the airport was really small despite it is one of the most touristic cities in Europe. And my third impression (for me the most important and scary one) was, there were soldiers with their rifles, everywhere! We didn’t know the situation in Italy was that serious. Terrorist attacks could happen at any time and I never felt scared that much in my life. I never see a real gun in my life so, yes it was a quite scary experience for me.
After we went out of the airport, first thing first, we wanted to find a bus what is going to our hotel. It was really easy to find the bus station since all the buses are coming just in front of the airport. We could use one of the city buses but it was really crowded and we had our heavy luggage with us so we prefer to use a shuttle bus.
It was 3 pm when we arrived in Rome and bus travel was swift. But I never experienced a trip like this in my life. The bus driver was occupying two lanes at the same time and horning everyone aggressively who was on his way. Okay, it was funny but dangerous at the same time. So we canceled our plan about renting a motorbike because I didn’t want to take a risk. The road was like the trailer of what we will encounter in this city.
When we arrived at our destination, we had to walk a little to our hotel. And while walking I realized that the streets were really dirty. But REALLY dirty. Everywhere was full of waste containers and yet trash was all over the streets. It is already so hot and when this trash is gathering with the steam of hot engine, it is causing an unbearable smell. I was like: ‘So here is one of the most visited cities in Europe and the government is working like this?‘. Short after we reached the hotel, we were welcomed pleasantly and I just run to the room to get rid of my sticky clothes.
We chose the hotel especially for its location because you could reach everywhere by walking. But keep it in mind that Rome is a big city so the closest destination will be at least 20 minutes long with walking.
Being in the hotel room made us realize that we were really hungry. That’s why after I changed my clothes we decided to find a nice restaurant to eat dinner. And just in the corner, there was a sweet restaurant, we went. In Italy, you are paying as euro which means if your currency is different it is a high possibility that prices will be expensive for you if you are not converting from the dollar. And for us, it was slightly expensive but we were too hungry to mind it.

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My husband ordered spaghetti.

Food usually has the same taste almost everywhere in Italy. Pizza is their national food that’s why it won’t be tasting like from a fast-food restaurant in your country but also nothing special. Like home food.
We wanted to give a try for spaghetti because we were wondering so much. We liked it, yes but for me, it was a little gummy.
After eating, we decided to take a tour of the city and see one of the most popular landmark, Colosseum. It was the season, that’s why it was crowded and hard to walk on public roads but if you will turn back streets, it is easier and cooler but I don’t recommend you to do this alone or nighttime. While we were on one of the back streets, we saw a pair of high heels hanging on a wire. It has many meanings such as: losing virginity, marking a gang territory but for me, it was the place where we could buy drugs.
And when we arrived at the Colosseum, it was time for adoring the view and taking pictures. Unfortunately, the most popular places (generally where tourists are standing) are occupied by immigrants who are trying to sell you selfie sticks and roses. We crossed with at least three people while watching the view and that’s why it is near to impossible to stop somewhere because you know that it will be spoiled by them.
We couldn’t stay long there, that’s why we started to walk down, where is going to the ancient city. I was really excited but my husband was more excited than me because he was really wondering the history and he is really interested in old history. The ancient city was a relief after all day because it was the only place what cars couldn’t access and it was providing better touristic experience since almost everywhere is full of cars in the city. Apart from this, we were really shocked by what we encounter with. The ancient part of the city (which is the most important part) was like left to its destiny. It was looking nothing more than ruin and it made us really sad.
After discovering the ancient city we also visited the Piazza Venezia and we returned to our hotel. Actually, there are many things to say about Rome but I wanted to keep it brief.
See you on the second day!




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