A Historical Burnout in Rome – Day 2

The second day started with a journey to Trevi Fountain. After exploring the ancient city and Piazza Venezia I was sure that we won’t be going there again. After we dressed up, we decided to go there on a city bus but unfortunately, even after waiting for 40 minutes, nothing showed up on the bus stop. After wasting our time we didn’t have a choice apart from going there on foot since most of the taxi drivers are cheating about price. It was quite a long but well trip. We encountered interesting things.

A graffiti I crossed with while waiting under a building to cover myself from the sun.
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One of the obelisks in the city.
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And we had to walk from Santa Maria Maggiore.

We understood that our journey was finished with the sound of the fountain. Even hearing it from distance was a relief for me because it was really hot that day. But before going there, we wanted to eat and stopped at a nice restaurant on the corner. It was so nice inside and the service was very good, plus, we could hear the sound of the fountain which created a tranquil atmosphere.

We prefer to eat pizza and this time we decided to try a famous Italian tiramisu with cold coffee.

We liked both of them so much. It impressed me more than pizza and spaghetti. When we go out of the restaurant it was 11 a.m. Already after a couple of steps, we were in front of Trevi Fountain. It was fascinating architecture for me and the only fountain which I could sit and chill in Rome. But unfortunately, it was really crowded and tourists were so loud that’s why even I could sit, I felt uncomfortable with people who are trying to push me to take pictures. It made me really sad to see these people because as I observed, all they wanted to just have a picture of the place and go. They were sitting, smiling for a picture and after they are satisfied, they were leaving the place. Maybe I was the only person who really wanted to feel the energy of this place and chill. I was imagining this place before it was cool when it was just a normal place for locals and empty. But I knew that I was just dreaming. That’s why, we took pictures, throw coins and after a couple of minutes, leave the place like everybody else.

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Me and my husband. (He was overheating here :D)

After going up from the fountain, we decided to turn our routes to Pantheon. My husband was wondering that place so much. Walking there didn’t take so long. And there was a huge line in front of Pantheon who were waiting to go in. I don’t know the rules but I think the place was taking a limited amount of people at a time.

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Me and the line behind me.
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I love to take pictures of his 

In front of Pantheon, there was another obelisk with fountain under it and it was quite interesting for me since I’m curious about obelisks.

We didn’t spend time there much and we headed to Piazza Navona. It had a unique atmosphere and I liked to walk around and check different kinds of shops. We bought ice cream sometime later.

Piazza Navona with another obelisk. I guess till now we found three of them.

As the last stop, we wanted to visit Vatican City. To be honest, I wanted to visit Rome because of this. Vatican City was the most interesting part for me. To reach there, we needed to cross a bridge on the lake in front of Sant Castel Angelo. At this point, I want to emphasize that there is no bench on the streets to rest for people. Especially for people who are walking while exploring the city, it can be a nightmare. Because it is a big city and wherever you will walk will take at least half an hour. Also, there is no place to cover yourself from burning sun in summer. The fountains in the city (apart from Trevi Fountain) are not accessible. They have a fence around them, in other words, they are just for decoration. So, to have a rest, you need to go to the nearest restaurant or cafe which I don’t like because for me this is another tourist trap.
Vatican City was a quiet place. Even the square was exposed, when you are in the circle the sound of the city was disappearing. And there was the fourth obelisk I found.

Processed with VSCO with kp3 preset
Pisa practices.

Our second day was full of adventures and many places we visited. On this day, I understood many things about this city and started to have my realizations. I hope this post was helpful to you. The third day will be the last day we will spend in Rome. See you there!


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