A Historical Burnout in Rome – Day 2

The second day started with a journey to Trevi Fountain. After exploring the ancient city and Piazza Venezia I was sure that we won't be going there again. After we dressed up, we decided to go there on a city bus but unfortunately, even after waiting for 40 minutes, nothing showed up on the bus [...]


A Historical Burnout In Rome – Day 1

I think I wouldn't be able to find any other title what is describing our feelings about Rome, a historical burnout what is caused by (to be honest) everything that we experienced in this city. So, are you ready to read our adventurous holiday? Then scroll your eyes down below. We decided to go to [...]

An Alternative Way To Spend Time In Istanbul – Day 2

I was living with my family in Istanbul and their house was so close to Mediterranean sea, next to the beachside. It was so popular to rent a house there what is viewing the sea. It was such a peaceful place that you could rent a bicycle to ride around, come with your pet for [...]